Publishing & e-marketing

Take your message to another level

Your business faces continuing challenges to reach new and developing markets. This is why JLA Media takes a huge interest in communications technology and is always available to advise on and implement marketing strategy on newspapers and magazines, but also through digital publishing and e-marketing media.. 

Today’s technology can provide you with valuable feedback as to exactly what the industry and your clients are interested in. In embracing, understanding and using constantly changing technology we ensure you reach your target audience in ways that your competitors cannot hope to emulate.

Our services include:

  • Planning and implementation of customer magazines and other promotional material in digital format. View some examples of our most recent publications here.
  • Hire of recipient data by industry sector and ship type.
  • Data capture.
  • E-marketing packages which include e-blasts of customer magazines, or survey e-blasts to targeted individuals among your existing and potential clients, followed by detailed results of campaign.

Talk to us about using digital publishing and e-marketing.