Salt Pixel 3D visualisations

JLA Media now offers 3D visualisation services via exclusive partner Salt Pixel

The rise of video marketing
Online video has become an increasingly important component of marketing & content strategy over the past few years and it is not difficult to see why: Search engines favour rich media (including video) and social media users are more likely to share video than any other form of content. In addition, video is an excellent way to explain complex technologies and concepts in a format that is easy to digest, which is vital in this age of information overload. 

Best in class
In order to meet growing demand from the marketplace, JLA Media has entered into an exclusive partnership with visualisations experts Salt Pixel. Specialising in the maritime and energy industries, Salt Pixel has a dedicated team of 3D artists, animators, software developers and market specialists, and has built up an international reputation for high quality 3D visualization and animation work, using cutting edge tools.

The company has project-managed and executed tailor-made solutions for clients with requirements in corporate promotional video, digital marketing content and e-learning materials and applications.

With corporate headquarters in Bergen, Norway, an international network of representatives, and a globally optimised production setup, Salt Pixel is well placed to deliver outstanding work to those wanting to raise their profile using 3D visualisation in the maritime and energy sectors.

See below for a sample of Salt Pixel’s portfolio:

Available now
In cooperation with Salt Pixel, JLA Media can now offer the following services:

  • 2D & 3D photorealistic images for digital or printed marketing materials.
  • Video animations, e.g. to present a brand or product in the most eye-catching and powerful way.
  • Motion graphics/infographic movies, to explain complex ideas and technologies in an easy to understand format.
  • App development for tablet, phone and web, for exhibitions, sales, marketing or training support. 

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