• "...JLA is supporting us in our worldwide media activities, specifically in advertising and press work.
    My experience has been that JLA is a reliable, proactive and very well connected agency. Without JLA’s efforts, our company and products would never have achieved such high visibility among our customers and potential customers.
    Due to the varied and extended portfolio JLA offers, we have been able to expand our communication efforts year after year..."
    abb-marine-logo Valentin Bregy, Head of Communication, ABB Turbo Systems

    “JLA have been an integral part of the MacGREGOR Group’s communication team and they have been valuable support to us throughout the years in assisting MacGREGOR Group in PR, press and marketing communication issues.”

    macgregor logo Heli Malkavaara, Communications Director, Cargotec

    “JLA has proven itself to be a valued part of our overseas advertising and PR efforts. Their professional yet friendly service and personal interest in our success have been instrumental in helping us develop and implement media plans that target our advertising most effectively. They have always been willing to go the extra mile to help us achieve our media goals and find effective solutions to our needs.”

    cnk-logo Dr Abdul Rahim, Regional Manager, Europe and Africa, ClassNK

    “For the last 15 years, JLA has helped us with media planning and press contact. Their expertise saves us time and ensures the best media exposure we can get for our budget in the complicated market of maritime, offshore, defence and fire media. They are truly interested in our business and make sure that we are well-informed and make the right choices.”

    viking-logo Elizabeth Pockel, Global Marketing Manager, VIKING Life-Saving Equipment

  • "I couldn't let last week's OTC go by without thanking you formally for the excellent job JLA did in teeing up offshore sector client interviews and backgrounders for me during the course of the show. They were all good value - timely, informative, straight to the point - and conducted with a minimum of fuss or BS. These are simple lessons some of your PR competitors would be well-advised to learn. Much appreciated."

    oe-logo David Morgan, Editor-in-Chief, Offshore Engineer

    "It has been a true pleasure working with Debbi and her team at JLA. Their professionalism and keen understanding of the ever-changing media landscape within the maritime and offshore industries is unsurpassed. If you're looking to increase your brand-awareness on a global scale while maximizing your return on investment, give JLA a call."
    gcaptain-logo Rob Almeida, Partner, gCaptain.com