ABB strengthens position in Marine Automation and Control business

December 8, 2012 – New vessel information and control business organization to further develop automation technologies that will help merchant and offshore vessels operate more efficiently and safely Zurich, Switzerland, Dec. 8, 2011– ABB’s global business for Marine and Cranes continued to expand in 2011. To better serve the needs of the marine automation and control system market, the company established a global Vessel Information and Control organization to develop automation solutions specifically for marine applications, based on ABB’s field-proven process automation technologies. ABB’s expanded portfolio of solutions for Marine Automation and Control systems consists of a broad range of marine advisory and fleet management reporting solutions, integrated automation, vessel management and control systems, and marine instrumentation and sensors, all of which help to optimize vessel operations and performance, improve energy efficiency, onboard equipment reliability and availability, and operational safety.

The demand for upgraded vessel information and control systems has increased, as ship operators must be ready to meet new environmental regulations, while they lower onboard energy use and fuel consumption. ABB’s automation and control technologies provide the visibility and control needed to achieve these goals and improve operating costs.

Using ABB’s leading edge automation solutions that have helped customers throughout the process industries improve their operational efficiency, energy efficiency, asset availability and overall safety, ABB will further develop specific versions of these solutions for the needs of the marine industry, for use in offshore and merchant vessel applications.

“While maintaining our leading position as electrical power and propulsion system supplier in offshore drilling, passenger vessels, LNG tankers and other market segments, ABB will expand our offering to include marine automation and advisory systems based on our solid industry experience and cuttingedge technology,” said Veli-Matti Reinikkala, head of ABB’s Process Automation division.”This strategic move is part of our 2015 growth strategy; ABB’s vast experience in process automation technologies helps us to redeploy these successful industry proven solutions to help our marine customers.”

ABB has a large installed base of more than 3,000 automation and control systems in operation for marine applications worldwide; professionals from 22 ABB Marine Service Centers globally maintain these systems and provide any needed support services.

In 2011, the company sold a total of 350 automation, vessel management and control systems of various types for a wide range of vessels, including drill ships, jack-up drilling rigs, offshore support vessels, and passenger vessels.

ABB’s Process Automation division delivers industry specific solutions and services for industrial automation and plant electrification. These solutions help customers meet their critical business needs in the areas of energy efficiency, operational profitability, capital productivity, risk management, and global responsibility. Available industry specific solutions include process control, instrumentation, analytics, safety, plant optimization, telecommunications, energy management and power distribution.