Augmented Reality set to help maritime satcom technicians

19 October, 2017 (Copenhagen, Denmark) – Cobham SATCOM, leading technology and software specialists, reveals new AR smartglasses-based solution for ship-board antenna servicing during Kormarine 2017.

Cobham SATCOM, a company dedicated to keeping ships and boats safe with cutting-edge satellite and radio communications systems under the SAILOR and Sea Tel brands, is working with custom software house Kanda and Osterhout Design Group (ODG) smartglasses to build an Augmented Reality (AR) wearable solution for maritime service technicians. With AR already established as an efficiency-enhancing tool for business and industrial applications, the project will demonstrate how companies can introduce additional value for their customers using this exciting technology.

Visitors at Kormarine in Busan will hear how the team is working with ODG’s award-winning R-7 smartglasses to develop a solution for installation technicians in the field who are tasked with in-situ ‘conversions’ of sophisticated SAILOR satellite communications (satcom) antennas already installed on ships. The smartglasses provide step-by-step guidance to their wearer during conversion installations, making paper manuals obsolete and greatly speeding up and simplifying the process.

The AR smartglasses solution will reduce costs for vessels and fleets when they are switching to a different satcom service but keeping the same antenna on board. The technician wearing the glasses will receive all the information required in their line of sight; ensuring that strict quality and technical guidelines are followed. By making sure the antennas are installed correctly during the conversion process, the satellite service provider and the end-user can be sure that the antenna will perform more reliably so that the vessel gets the best connection to the satellites and therefore the most reliable broadband and voice services.

“The use of AR in satcom antenna servicing is an exciting prospect, an innovative, new way of doing things for our global partners and a massive step forward in enhancing our end-user experience,” said Casper Jensen, Senior Vice President, Cobham SATCOM. “AR has the potential to revolutionise a multitude of industrial and business applications and we are confident that together with Creuna, ODG, and Kanda, we will enable satcom technicians to work smarter, faster and more accurately in the field.”

In recent years Cobham SATCOM has focused on improving the digital experience for its customers. By adding AR smartglasses to its product offerings, the digital and physical world can be blended together to create even better user experiences. Lene Thirup, Client Director with Cobham SATCOM’s long-term strategic digital partner Creuna, adds:
“Cobham SATCOM has truly embraced digitalisation as a means to provide better customer experience by streamlining and gathering their digital services within marketing, sales, customer support, and training. With AR glasses, Cobham SATCOM is taking a strategic and bold step to make the on-site product usage part of the total customer experience. This will result in an even more coherent and seamless experience across all the company’s touchpoints.”

ODG smartglasses are changing the way people view the world. Shipping to specialised customers since 2011, ODG has seen rapidly growing demand from a broad base of industries for its fully self-contained, computerised glasses with their photo-realistic, transparent, 3D displays. All ODG models are fully integrated, small, light and sleek. They feature on board GPS/IMU-based navigation, giving users the ability to experience telepresence, tele-maintenance and telerepair everywhere, including ships navigating the oceans.

“ODG’s award-winning smartglasses are already setting the standard in industries across the entire spectrum of business, including those with hazardous conditions,” said Bobby King, VP of Special Projects at ODG. “We are excited to have Cobham SATCOM leveraging the power and possibility of our ruggedized devices to build a remote assistance solution, and for the support it will bring to Cobham customers looking to leverage cutting edge solutions to improve efficiency, safety and speed in their maintenance and service tasks.”

While durable hardware is obviously essential for AR smartglasses to become a success in the maritime world, the software is equally important. Developing the software requires a flexible collaboration between the external partners and Cobham SATCOM’s own engineers. Kristian Andreasen, CEO of software specialists Kanda, adds:
“Working closely together is key to creating any good software experience, but especially with new and innovative technologies such as AR. Being in continuous dialogue with representatives from Cobham SATCOM has ensured an optimal work flow and exchange of information and ideas, and this has been critical for the successful development of the software in the AR smartglasses.”

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