Bolidt Innovation Center stays open for virtual visitors

21 April 2020 – Bolidt has found a creative way of supporting its clients during the COVID-19 restrictions by inviting visitors to take a virtual tour of its groundbreaking Bolidt Innovation Center, which officially opened near Rotterdam last year.

Bolidt Innovation Center R&D

The Center, which is being kept open to continue the pioneering research and development work that simply cannot be done from home accepts visits only under strict conditions – but is now accessible via online tours using the latest technology until travel restrictions are lifted.

Bolidt has a long-standing reputation for innovation and creativity, needed now more than ever in these uncertain times to continue to drive the maritime sector forward.  “The difficult situation we are now all in forces us to think creatively and outside the box on the way we work, where we work and how we can still collaborate and co-create,” says Jacco van Overbeek, Bolidt, Director Maritime.” So we are excited that our customers can still experience the Bolidt Innovation Center virtually, if not physically.”

A dedicated team at Bolidt is now ready to give visitors the grand virtual tour of the unique facilities using a specially developed app.  From looking over the shoulders of a colour specialist making samples, to brainstorming together about new decking designs, projects can be managed in much the same way as always.  Van Overbeek adds, “You will still get a chance to learn about our products and the chemistry behind them, and explore the creative possibilities that they can unleash. Each of the virtual tours will be customised especially for individuals and for the industry they work in.”

In common with the physical experience, the virtual tour allows visitors to experience the Bolidt Innovation Center as a ‘living lab’ and look over the shoulders of employees as they carry out research and development. The VR visitor can also see advanced testing equipment such as the Inzoomer, the Pounder and the Cliffhanger in action, interact with exhibits and use augmented reality applications to get a unique insight into Bolidt’s solutions and way of working.

“The idea behind the Center is for visitors to get a true understanding of Bolidt’s corporate DNA and its spirit of innovation as it creates the safe, sustainable, energy efficient and design friendly materials of the future,” says van Overbeek.

Already the Bolidt Innovation Center has proved a hugely popular attraction with around 5,000 visitors passing through its doors last year. Cruise ship owners and designers were particularly drawn by the chance to interact with Bolidt in this way, with representatives from Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL), Disney Cruise Lines, YSA Design, SMC Design and Mercy Ships amongst those visiting from the maritime sector.

The virtual tour option is already showing itself to be a major hit with the industry, with ten visitors in the first week alone and a number of highly positive reactions to the opportunity being received. Joost van Ree, Director, Partner Relations, at the Cruise Liner International Association (CLIA) says, “This is a great idea and I would highly recommend booking this virtual tour. It is an amazing facility to put it mildly and this is a fantastic chance to see one of the industry’s most creative companies in action without leaving the comfort of your home office.”


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