Balaena Celebrates One-Year Anniversary of Gibdock Dockyard Ownership in Gibraltar

Gibdock / Gibraltar – Aerial

24 May 2023 – Balaena, a leading maritime engineering solutions provider, has marked its first anniversary as owner of the renowned Gibdock dockyard in Gibraltar by renewing its commitment to growth. Since assuming ownership of Gibdock, Balaena has implemented a comprehensive revitalisation plan, focusing on enhancing operational efficiency, expanding service capabilities, and fostering collaboration with key stakeholders. Its strategic commitment has consolidated Gibdock’s position as a preferred destination for vessel maintenance, repair, and refurbishment in the Mediterranean region. Over the past year, Balaena has made substantial investments in infrastructure, health and safety procedures and technology at the dockyard. These developments have not only elevated the dockyard’s capabilities but have also enabled the completion of more extensive and complex projects. With a strong emphasis on safety, sustainability, and quality, Balaena has successfully delivered numerous projects, reconfirming Gibdock’s reputation for excellence in the maritime industry. “Balaena is proud to commemorate one year of ownership of Gibdock. This milestone marks our unwavering commitment to providing world-class maritime solutions and driving the growth of the Gibraltar maritime industry,” said CEO Simon Gillett, Balaena. “We are grateful for the support and trust placed in us by our valued clients, partners, and the local community. Together, we will continue to shape the future of Gibdock as a premier destination for vessel maintenance and repair.”

Gibdock / Gibraltar – Aerial

Balaena remains dedicated to further enhancing the dockyard’s capabilities and expanding its service offerings, added Gillett, by focusing on strengthening strategic partnerships, attracting new clients, and fostering sustainable growth. In addition to the physical improvements, Balaena will also prioritise the development of its workforce. Through comprehensive training programs and skill enhancement initiatives, the dockyard’s talented team will continue to be equipped with the necessary expertise to handle a wide range of vessel types, including naval vessels, offshore structures, and commercial ships.

About Balaena:

Balaena focuses on delivering more sustainable engineering solutions for Freshwater, Wastewater, Renewable and Maritime projects. They are a maritime solutions provider committed to delivering excellence in vessel maintenance, repair, and refurbishment. With a strong focus on innovation, sustainability, and operational efficiency, Balaena strives to meet the evolving needs of the maritime industry and exceed client expectations. The company’s acquisition of Gibdock in Gibraltar has further strengthened its position as a leading player in the global maritime market.