ClassNK e-Certificate approved for use by world leading flag states

6 September, 2017 (Tokyo) – Leading classification society ClassNK has expanded the scope the world’s first comprehensive electronic certificate service for classification and statutory certificates to include the flag states of Panama, Singapore, and the Marshall Islands from 15 September 2017. The service, ClassNK e-Certificate, currently available to Liberian-flagged vessels, will be available to ClassNK-registered vessels from a total of four flag states, accounting for approximately 60% of vessels on the ClassNK register.

ClassNK e-Certificate is the result of an innovative project aimed at reducing the workload on board and at shore by minimizing potential clerical errors and time-loss associated with paper burden. Based on the standards stipulated in IMO’s GUIDELINES FOR THE USE OF ELECTRONIC CERTIFICATES (FAL.5/Circ.39/Rev.2) released in April 2016, the system enables secure transmission of certificates from ship to shore and vice versa. Most importantly, the system includes an online function to determine the validity of certificates and that they have not been falsified or tampered with.

ClassNK e-Certificate became the world’s first electronic certificate service for classification and statutory certificates on 15 June 2017, after the Liberian Registry confirmed that ClassNK e-Certificate met the requirements of the IMO Guidelines, and granted ClassNK authorization as the first Recognized Organization to issue electronic certificates to Liberian-flagged vessels on its behalf. Following growing interest from the industry, the use of ClassNK e-Certificate was approved by the flag states of Panama, Singapore, and the Marshall Islands, and may also be issued for vessels registered with the flag states of Norway, the Netherlands, and Vanuatu as part of ClassNK’s Recognised Organisation status in those jurisdictions, greatly increasing the scope of the service.

ClassNK will continue working with flag states, port authorities, PSC and other industry stakeholders to expand the availability of ClassNK e-Certificate to even more vessels for the benefit of its clients and the wider industry.

Applications for ClassNK e-Certificate can be downloaded from the “Web Service Portal” section of the ClassNK website: ttp://

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