ClassNK Executive Officers Election, Corporate Officer System and Reorganization

07 March, 2018 (Tokyo) – ClassNK announced the following three items decided at the meetings of the Council and Board of Directors.

ClassNK Executive Officers Election, 6 March 2018
ClassNK’s currently serving Executive Officers have been appointed as follows:

President & CEO, Representative Director Koichi Fujiwara
Senior Executive Vice President, Executive Director Tetsuya Kinoshita
Senior Executive Vice President, Executive Director Junichiro Iida (Newly appointed)
Senior Executive Vice President, Executive Director Toshiyuki Shigemi (Newly appointed)

Former Director of the Planning Division Michio Takagi has also been appointed as an Executive Auditor and Tetsushi Agata has stepped down from his position of Executive Auditor to serve as Advisor.

Corporate Officer System, 1 April 2018
Beginning 1 April 2018, ClassNK is reforming their way of governance by implementing a Corporate Officer system for structural enhancement. The structure of Corporate Officers as of 1 April 2018 will be as follows:

Name Current Position New Position
Koichi Fujiwara President & CEO President & CEO
Tetsuya Kinoshita Senior Executive Vice President Senior Executive Vice President
Junichiro Iida Senior Executive Vice President
(Newly appointed on 6 March)
Senior Executive Vice President
Toshiyuki Shigemi Senior Executive Vice President
(Newly appointed on 6 March)
Senior Executive Vice President
Hirofumi Takano Director of Innovation Development
Senior Corporate Officer, Director of Innovation Development Division
Taira Narisawa Regional Manager of China Senior Corporate Officer, Director of Planning Division
Masayuki Miyakura Executive Consultant Senior Corporate Officer, CFO
Katsuhide Kuno Director of Administrative Division Corporate Officer, Director of Administrative Division
Takeshi Okamoto General Manager of Operational Planning Department Corporate Officer, Director of Business Operations Division
Hayato Suga Director of Plan Approval Division Corporate Officer, Director of Plan Approval Division
Yoshinori Kozeki Director of Survey Operations Division Corporate Officer, Director of Survey Operations Division
Toshiro Arima Director of Rule Development Division Corporate Officer, Director of Rule Development Division
Toshiyuki Matsumoto Director of Research Institute Corporate Officer, Director of Research Institute
Seiichi Gyobu Regional Manager of North, Central and South America Corporate Officer, Regional Manager of Eastern Mediterranean Sea and Northern Black Sea

Reorganization, 1 April 2018
In addition to the implementation of the Corporate Officer System, ClassNK will carry out a comprehensive reorganization of its administrative structure as part of efforts to improve productivity and streamline operations. From 1 April, ClassNK’s operational headquarters will be reorganized from 9 to 8, and 32 departments located at the Head Office will be consolidated into a total 25 departments. By reorganizing its administrative structure and pooling its resources, ClassNK is working to provide an ever greater level of service to better serve industry needs.

For more information on this topic, please contact:

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