ClassNK grants Innovation Endorsement for Products & Solutions to Bearing CII Optimizer

27 July 2023 – ClassNK has granted its Innovation Endorsement for Products & Solutions to a CII management solution called Bearing CII Optimizer developed by Bearing, Inc.

In order to promote the spread and development of innovative technologies, ClassNK has offered Innovation Endorsement for Products & Solutions. ClassNK supports the deployment of products and services through third-party certification for equipment and software technology with innovative functions.

Bearing CII Optimizer is an AI-powered CII management solution. In addition to estimating current CII ratings, it enables the prediction of future fuel consumption and end-of-year CII ratings. Furthermore, it features functions such as visualizing CO2 emissions under different operating conditions, quantifying measures and their effectiveness in achieving the target CII rating for each vessel and providing a user-friendly interface.

ClassNK has verified the functions of Bearing CII Optimizer, 1. Monitoring the current CII ratings for vessels without manual data entry, 2. An interactive user Interface to visualize the CII ratings for vessels and display potentially problematic vessels, 3. Forecasting end-of-year CII ratings based on expected operation patterns and forecasted weather conditions, using AI-powered vessel performance models, 4. Simulating various operating conditions (e.g., vessel speed or days sailing per month) and estimating their impact on the CII rating, using AI-powered vessel performance models, 5. Estimating the impact on costs, emissions and mileage based upon different operating conditions, and issued a certificate to the company.

ClassNK will continue to further promote its Innovation Endorsement for Ships, Products & Solutions, and Providers, and strive to support innovative technologies and initiatives.

ClassNK Innovation Endorsement at a glance: