ClassNK Issues First MLC Certification for Vietnamese Seafarer Recruitment Center

30 April, 2013 – Leading classification society ClassNK announced that it certified the Ho Chi Minh-based Southern Crewmanning Center (SCC), in accordance with the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC 2006). This is the first Seafarer Recruitment and Placement Service (SRPS) certification that ClassNK has issued in Vietnam.

MLC 2006 is a new international convention adopted by the International Labour Organization (ILO) in February 2006 to improve working and living conditions for seafarers. MLC regulations, which will come into force for all vessels operated by owners registered in MLC party states from August 2013, will require providers to establish, implement and maintain a quality system complying with the requirements regarding working conditions for seafarers.

Under Regulation 1.4 of MLC 2006, if shipping companies registered in MLC party states employ seafarers from SRPS in non-party states, they must ensure that the SRPS is fully compliant with MLC Conventions. This requirement has helped spur demand for independent third party certification of SRPS in countries such as Vietnam, who have yet to ratify MLC 2006.

SCC, a subsidiary of Vitranschart JSC, based in Ho Chi Minh, provides more than 1000 seafarers to not only much of Vietnam’s merchant fleet, but also to vessels owned by Japanese and Taiwanese owners. As one of Vietnam’s leading SRPS, SCC turned to ClassNK to certify that its practices were fully compliant with the new MLC regulations.

Speaking on the occasion, ClassNK Chairman and President Noboru Ueda said: “This certification highlights SCC’s progressive and professional approach to ship manning, and marks an important step forward for the implementation of MLC 2006 both here in Vietnam, and around the world.”

“The coming enforcement of MLC 2006 is an important achievement in terms of both the rights of seafarers and the safety of ships at sea. However, requirements that seafarer recruitment centers and manning agencies in even non-member states must comply with MLC regulations present a major challenge for both these providers for shipowners. SRPS certification is an important tool to help shipowners and service providers easily ensure compliance with MLC 2006 requirements, and so it is a service we are proud to offer.”

SRPS certification is one among several services ClassNK provides related to MLC 2006, including certification for vessels and shipowners under the new regulations. ClassNK also offers certification services in line with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 management standards, as well as certification for Maritime Education and Training facilities and ECDIS training courses.

ClassNK Country Manager of Vietnam Jun Sakamoto (left) with Southern Crewmanning Center Director Capt. Tran Trung Dung (right)

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