ClassNK leads the way with new PrimeShip-HULL(HCSR) software

9 February, 2015 (Tokyo) – Leading classification society ClassNK (Chairman and President: Noboru Ueda) has announced the release of Ver. 2.0.0 of its PrimeShip-HULL(HCSR) ship design support software. The new version is the world’s first software system to fully reflect all rule amendments of the IACS Common Structural Rules (harmonized CSR) adopted in December 2014.

Developed in response to industry demands, PrimeShip-HULL (HSCR) is a powerful total design support tool capable of far more than conventional software. The ship design support system helps to assist in the development of safer ships compliant with the harmonized CSR and is available completely free of charge to all ClassNK clients.

The main features of PrimeShip-HULL(HCSR) Ver. 2.0.0 are as follows:
• Fully compliant with the latest version of the harmonized CSR adopted by IACS in December 2014 allowing shipyards to create structural designs based on the latest prescriptive and direct strength calculation requirements. PrimeShip-HULL(HCSR) is the world’s first software with this feature.
• Further improved data linkage with commercial CAD software, especially with the widely used 3D design model software NAPA Steel. Added features allow for complete data linkage to prescriptive rule calculation software used for all members’ data within the cargo areas of oil tankers as well as to direct strength assessment software used for other additional information such as compartment data, etc. These powerful new data linkage functions can exponentially reduce the amount of time typically required by the design process.
• Improved modeling function for the prescriptive rule calculation software which not only supports various member arrangements, but also makes it easy to define even detailed structure’s data.
• Improved calculation function for the direct strength assessment software which improves the speed of various calculations and includes a new feature which suggests scantling values that satisfy fatigue assessment requirements.

The software’s improved calculation and modelling features provide fast and continuous support to ensure more efficiency and quality in ship designs that are compliant with the harmonized CSR.