ClassNK releases new PrimeShip-HULL (HCSR) software

9 February, 2017 (Tokyo)– ClassNK has just released the latest version of its design support software PrimeShip-HULL (HCSR) Ver.4.0.0., developed in response to the IACS Common Structural Rules for Bulk Carriers and Oil Tankers (CSR BC & OT).

The new version incorporates the latest rule amendments to CSR BC & OT and in order to speed up design evaluation, shortens the calculation times in the prescriptive calculation software and offers a new function to preview reports in the direct strength assessment software, improving overall performance and usability.

The new version, PrimeShip-HULL (HCSR) Ver. 4.0.0., builds on the success of ClassNK’s existing software by enhancing a number of features. The software incorporates the latest rule amendments to CSR BC & OT applicable to ships for which a construction contract has been made on or after 1 July 2017, and can now apply applicable design rules based on the date of contract input by the user.

In the prescriptive calculation software the calculation time has been reduced and the initial design function for quick sectional evaluation can now link with other sectional data in order to automatically extract longitudinal parameters, reducing the potential for inputting errors.

Moreover, the prescriptive calculation software now has enhanced data linkage functions with 3D-CAD software NAPA Steel. This enhanced function now makes it possible for 3D model data of NAPA Steel to be imported into the initial design function and members’ data modified in the full ship design function to be imported back to NAPA Steel, a feature which is expected to significantly reduce the man hours required for structural evaluations in NAPA Steel.

The direct strength assessment software now includes a detailed setting for outputting images when creating reports, in addition to extra display options and a preview function. The software can also recalculate the required thickness of structures based on modified parameters of the buckling panel in order to generate a reinforcement plan for stiffener buckling.

With the addition of these new and improved features, users can benefit from further reductions in evaluation time and greater support in the design of safer ships compliant with CSR BC & OT.

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