ClassNK releases updates to its Guidelines on Laser-Arc Hybrid Welding

15 January, 2015 (Tokyo) – Leading classification society ClassNK (Chairman and President: Noboru Ueda) has announced that it has released Guidelines on Laser-Arc Hybrid Welding (Ver. 2). The updated version builds on the original guidelines which were developed in December 2009.

Laser-arc hybrid welding is, as its name suggests, a combination of both laser and arc welding methods. The advanced hybrid welding method is capable of achieving the same depth of penetration as the standard arc welding method whilst also having the added benefit of potentially inhibiting thermal deformation due to its low required heat input. This reduction in deformation will improve the accuracy of block building and in turn assist shipyards in establishing a high-precision shipbuilding method.

Before manufacturers can use laser-arc hybrid welding in the construction of vessels, they must first obtain approval for the Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) and the Quality Verification Procedure Specification of production welding.

In order to support the widespread use of laser-arc hybrid welding in shipyards, ClassNK has fully revised its original guidelines and released a comprehensive summary of the requirements for welding procedure qualification tests, welding procedure specification and quality verification procedure specification of production welding amongst other regulations.

As shipyards look to achieve higher quality and efficiency in shipbuilding methods, the future diffusion of laser-arc welding on commercial vessels is highly anticipated.

The Guidelines on Laser-Arc Hybrid Welding are available for download on the ClassNK website for ClassNK “My Page” users. Registration for ClassNK’s “My Page” service is easy and free. Simply go to ClassNK’s website at and click on “My Page Login”.