Cruise Ship Interiors Expo Reveals New Branding and Show Names

  • Cruise Ship Interiors launched in 2018 with the inception of its first show, formerly known as Cruise Ship Interiors Expo Miami
  • As Cruise Ship Interiors Expo’s brand expands with the introduction of its Europe event, the company has undergone a comprehensive rebrand
  • Cruise Ship Interiors Expo America and Cruise Ship Interiors Expo Europe have received full makeovers in the form of new websites and logos.
Toby Walters, CEO, Cruise Ship Interiors Expo

05 September 2019 – Cruise Ship Interiors Expo has undergone a comprehensive rebrand across its existing shows. The rebrand consisted of revised show names, new websites, and updated logos. The focus of the brand and its shows, however, has remained the same. Through its newly announced rebrand, the event organisers hope to reflect the positive evolution of its brands and continue to cater to its design-based audience.

Since its initial inception by CEO Toby Walters and Commercial Director Sam Murray in 2018, Cruise Ship Interiors Expo has gradually expanded its portfolio. Last year, the leading portfolio in niche cruise events introduced its first Europe event designed to cater to the industry’s river and expedition markets, as well as ocean cruise lines. Additionally, in the past six months, the Cruise Ship Interiors Awards (CSIA) were announced, along with the refocusing of Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo (previously Marine Catering Expo).

Upon revealing the new branding, CEO Toby Walters commented:

“Our revised branding reflects not only where we hope to go as a brand, but also, and arguably more importantly, our audience’s unique tastes and style. Moving forward, we hope that Cruise Ship Interiors Expo can be recognised as a design show for the cruise industry, and to me, this new branding really reflects that trajectory we’re on.”

Following valued advice from the Miami 2019 event’s prestigious advisory board, Cruise Ship Interiors underwent a makeover to ensure it continued to cater to its design-focused audience.

As of September 2019, Cruise Ship Interiors Expo has launched new websites to accompany its booming events. Both the European and North American event have also undergone name changes, transitioning from Cruise Ship Interiors Expo Barcelona and Cruise Ship Interiors Expo Miami to Cruise Ship Interiors Expo Europe and Cruise Ship Interiors Expo America respectively.

Along with the newly refreshed websites and name changes, both shows have received brand-new logos. The new design and branding is pared back, reflecting the industry’s own sophistication and penchant towards timeless design.

The graphic designer responsible for executing the new brand vision, Mai Ellis, reflects upon the updates, stating:

“It was time for a spring clean. With the shows being more established, it was essential to develop a more cohesive brand image between all sister shows. A type face logo is timeless, so this was the clear direction, whilst deciding to use Futura font, a classic favourite in design, was a nod to the industry. Finally, colours have been refined; one colour to represent each show, with a mutual monochrome palette. Nice and simple!”

Each show or event under the Cruise Ship Interiors umbrella now features its own signature colour. Cruise Ship Interiors Expo America (CSI) is blue, Cruise Ship Interiors Expo Europe (CSIE) is purple, Cruise Ship Interiors Awards (CSIA) is grey, and Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo America (CSH) is orange.

As relative newcomers to the industry, the Cruise Ship Interiors Expo team acknowledges that it’s taken time to get to know its audience. After a hugely successful first show, CSI feels confident of its place in the industry and believes its new branding truly reflects the event’s importance.

Registration for Cruise Ship Interiors Expo Europe, taking place on 4th-5th December 2019 in Barcelona, is now open. Click here to claim your free pass.


About Cruise Ship Interiors Expo:

Cruise Ship Interiors Expo began in Miami as a free-to-attend expo & conference dedicated to the cruise interiors industry. Its first event united the entire cruise interiors industry under one roof for two days of exhibits, conference sessions, live demos, and more. After the success of its first event, and the industry’s communication that the event was filling a void in the industry, Cruise Ship Interiors Expo has expanded its brand to Europe.

Cruise Ship Interiors Expo Europe takes place on 4-5th December 2019 at the Fira Barcelona.
Visit the website for more information.

Cruise Ship Interiors Awards takes place on 15th June 2020 at the Faena Forum, Miami.
Visit the website for more information.

Cruise Ship Interiors Expo America takes place on 16-17th June 2020.
Visit the website for more information.

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