DMCA makes its mark at Norshipping 2017

02 June, 2017 (Dubai, United Arab Emirates) – Dubai’s growing role as a global hub for the maritime sector was a key message communicated to visitors to Norshipping 2017 in Norway, as a result of Dubai Maritime City Authority’s (DMCA’s) participation in the high-profile shipping industry event, held in Oslo and Lillestrøm from May 30th to June 2nd.

Norshipping 2017 attracted leading shipowners, operators, maritime technology and service providers and international decision makers from around the world. The event was the perfect forum at which to highlight the government of Dubai’s achievements in transforming the emirate into one of the world’s top maritime centres.
DMCA was able to stress to visitors the importance of the emirate’s Maritime Sector Strategy (MSS). This has proved to be the driving force behind Dubai’s emergence as one the leading 10 maritime capitals of the world.

During Norshipping, DMCA was also able to emphasise Dubai’s advanced legal and legislative systems, investment-friendly environment, world-class facilities, maritime and logistics services, modern ports, and integrated maritime safety systems. These components are supported by the government’s strategy promoting innovation, creativity and excellence.

According to recent statistics, the maritime sector’s contribution to the Dubai economy rose by 25% from 2011 to 2015 and now accounts for 7 per cent of the emirate’s GDP. Shipowning, ports, maritime engineering, shipbuilding and repair and maritime support services are among the most effective components of the local maritime cluster.

Amer Ali, Executive Director, DMCA, said: “We were delighted to participate again in Norshipping, which has given us the opportunity to tell an international maritime audience about the remarkable progress that has been made in delivering the MSS’ goals. We were able to have many conversations with stakeholders about Dubai’s competitive advantages, including its strategic location, advanced infrastructure, tax exemptions, modern maritime legislation, and robust import and export sectors.”

During Norshipping 2017 DCMA issued an open invitation to participants to visit the second consecutive edition of Dubai Maritime Agenda taking place in Dubai on the 10th of October. This is an important DMCA initiative, attracting participation from senior industry professionals, regional and international experts, decision makers and pioneers within the maritime sector. It has become a crucial platform for presenting insights into the role of the maritime industry in supporting emerging and developed economies and discussing the present and future of the global maritime sector. Those who attend will have the opportunity to see for themselves the impressive achievements in the maritime sector and the changes taking place in the Emirate of Dubai in support of international shipping.

About Dubai Maritime City Authority:

Founded in 2007, Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA) has brought about a radical change in the local maritime sector through an extensive range of industry initiatives and regulations which support its ambitious approach to creating a safe investment environment for industry leaders from all over the world, while reaffirming Dubai’s position as a first-class international maritime hub. Established to monitor, develop and promote maritime activities, DMCA provides a platform of excellence and quality as it develops world-class regulations and guidelines to raise the bar on the maritime industry and boost its infrastructure, operations and logistics services while offering investment opportunities to boost Dubai’s competitiveness at the regional and international levels.

DMCA aims to build effective and strategic partnerships with relevant government agencies, private businesses and stakeholders in line with its vision to create a safe and vibrant maritime sector and therefore drive economic sustainability and growth in the emirate. The Authority is keen on expanding its scope of work and laying down effective policies under the highest standards of maritime safety and best environmental practices, in adherence with the local and international laws to develop a safe maritime environment for maritime operations and businesses.

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