DongBang and OHT select OCTOPUS advisory solution

Decision-support tool enables safer and more efficient heavy lift operations.

2 December 2014 (Zurich, Switzerland) – Amarcon, an ABB Group company, today announced that the company will deliver OCTOPUS-Onboard vessel advisory solutions to a total of three vessels owned by Norwegian oil service company OHT AS and Korean heavy cargo transporter DongBang. The information and control system will support the vessels route planning, optimization of speed and insight in critical motions.

The repeat order with OHT encompasses OCTOPUS motion monitoring and forecasting for vessel M/V Albatross. Amarcon has previously delivered advisory suites to OHT’s heavy lift cargo vessels Eagle, Falcon, Osprey and Hawk.

“We have deployed the OCTOPUS technology across our fleet to improve the safety and efficiency of critical heavy lift transportation operations. All the other vessels of OHT use the OCTOPUS technology in order to execute critical heavy lift transportation projects in a safe and efficient way. For us it was therefore a logical step to also equip the newest edition in our fleet, the M/V Albatross, with this system”, says Bertil Rognes, Project Engineer at OHT.

Under the contract with DongBang, Amarcon will deliver OCTOPUS-onboard systems and motion monitor systems (TMS-3) to two heavy freight cargo vessels, the DongBang Giant No 2 and Giant No 3. The motion monitor system is based on three accelerometers that continuously provide the crew with information for decision-making support.

Both OHT and DongBang will have access to OCTOPUS-Online, which is an online reporting service. By using this tool, the vessel owner can download and display all measured motions and accelerations that are collected from the vessel.

About Amarcon

Amarcon, a fully owned subsidiary of ABB, provides monitoring and forecasting software solutions for performance and availability optimization of sea-going vessels, and is the leader in vessel motion prediction solutions. ABB acquired Amarcon in august 2012 in order to strengthen its long-term growth strategy in vessel information and control systems. Amarcon and ABB offer the widest portfolio of marine advisory and optimization systems to the maritime market.

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ABB ( is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB Group of companies operates in around 100 countries and employs about 145,000 people.

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