Erik Thun puts Dynamic Drive from Berg Propulsion at the heart of fuel efficiency gains

11 December 2023 – Erik Thun Group has selected Berg Propulsion’s Dynamic Drive technology to optimize efficiency on board all 10 of its latest newbuildings. The Swedish owner confirmed its decision after pilot installations exceeded energy efficiency gain expectations, with the integrated drive solution helping to save 10% of fuel, rising to 20% in some operational conditions.

Nordic Crystal will feature Berg Propulsion’ Dynamic Drive with ‘floating frequency’ capability
Photo credit/source Christopher Kullenberg Rothvall.

As part of Erik Thun’s rolling fleet renewal strategy, the owner recently expanded its newbuild program with Dutch yard Shipsveerf Ferus Smit B.V to include four 5,100 dwt ’Troll-Max’ dry cargo vessels, as well as six 7,999 dwt coastal ‘Eco Tankers’. Tanker deliveries started earlier this year, with the last of the 10 vessels due in service in 2026.

All 10 ships will feature Berg’s complete main propulsion systems and energy optimizing control technology, and include Dynamic Drive after trials on Snow Crystal, Nordic Crystal and Baltic Crystal.

“The data indicated that, on average, Dynamic Drive functionality will help achieve a 10% saving in fuel consumption, while in some operational conditions that could increase to 20%,” said Ola Persson, Technical Project Manager, Erik Thun.

Dynamic Drive is an adaptive thrust and fuel optimization software, offered for inclusion with the Berg Propulsion MPC 800 control system. The software automatically and dynamically identifies the most energy efficient settings for propeller pitch/RPM to produce the thrust to maintain the required speed.

ynamic Drive fuel optimization software integrates with Berg Propulsion MPC 800 control system
Photo credit/source Christopher Kullenberg Rothvall.

Jorgen Karlsson, General Manager Europe & Americas, Berg Propulsion, said: “Dynamic Drive provides a user-friendly interface which simplifies a key part of operations, allowing crew to set limits more easily to ensure consistent fuel-efficient vessel operation in all operational modes.”

Thun conducted its initial trial of the solution on board the newbuilding bulk carrier Snow Crystal – a modern, energy efficient, ice class 1A ship which operates on Sweden’s Lake Vänern. Its success convinced the owner to choose the solution for Nordic Crystal and Baltic Crystal, with specifications modified to include ‘floating frequency’ capabilities.

“Decarbonization is a key driver for our operations and maximizing efficiency is a central requirement for reducing carbon intensity, whether we are talking about current fuels or the new generation of higher cost alternatives,” commented Henrik Källsson, Erik Thun AB Deputy Managing Director. “Working with the Berg Propulsion team over many years has proved a winning formula for us.”

Mattias Hansson, Global Sales Manager, Berg Propulsion, added: “I would like to thank Erik Thun and Ferus Smit for continuing our excellent cooperation, where clarity on objectives encourages openness to innovative ideas – especially those aligning with Thun’s focus on sustainability. Dynamic Drive is delivering a practical solution that helps a ship’s crew and its owner achieve greener operations.”


About Berg Propulsion:

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