Fuel savings convince “K” Line to expand use of ClassNK CMAX LC-A

9 June 2016 (Singapore) – Fuel savings convince “K” Line to expand use of ClassNK CMAX LC-A Singapore – “K” Line Ship Management (Singapore) Pte Ltd has selected ClassNK Consulting Service’s machinery condition monitoring and automatic diagnostic system ClassNK CMAXS LC-A for use on one of its container vessels, marking the first commercial application of the software.

“K” Line Ship Management (Singapore) Pte Ltd selected ClassNK CMAXS LC-A after a successful trial installation in 2014 delivered proven fuel and lubricating oil savings of 200 tons/year. The trial was carried out as part of a joint research project in collaboration with ClassNK and Diesel United Ltd.

ClassNK CMAXS LC-A uses innovative diagnosis algorithms to analyse multiple sensor data in the engine room and detect any early signs of machinery damage. The solution automatically shows the condition of a wide variety of machinery in real-time, provides the relevant instructions and procedure manuals, and proposes the optimum setting value for main engine optimum operation based on the result of the automatic condition diagnosis – all without the need for remote shoreside support.

ClassNK CMAXS LC-A’s main engine optimum setting value function supports ship operators and ship management companies in reducing fuel and lubricating oil costs while its troubleshooting function supports crew in preventing second damage and streamlining necessary repair and maintenance work.

Information such as sensor data and condition monitoring results obtained from ClassNK CMAXS LC-A’s onboard system are sent to and stored on the cloud database managed by Ship Data Center Co. Ltd., a subsidiary company of ClassNK, and shared between the vessel and shipping company.

Through the provision of ClassNK CMAXS LC-A, ClassNK Consulting Services continues to support safe operations and reduce the lifecycle cost of machinery.

ClassNK Consulting Service Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary company of ClassNK.

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