Japan Weather Association to provide ShipDC with marine weather info

20 May, 2016 (Tokyo, Japan) – The database service operated by ClassNK’s wholly owned subsidiary Ship Data Center (ShipDC) has been set to receive marine weather information from Japan Weather Association.

ShipDC acts as a platform for big data related to shipping by securely collecting, storing and providing data to users through its data center. It aims to develop the infrastructure through which data can be centrally controlled and used at a low cost in a bid to maximize opportunities for big data utilization throughout the wider maritime industry.

Japan Weather Association provides marine weather information to support efficient and safely managed harbor operations, voyage operations and so on. Through combining data from both parties, a high-accuracy comprehensive database for ships has been created.

Through Japan Weather Association’s free provision of real-time marine weather information such as offshore wind (direction, speed), waves (height, frequency, direction) and ocean currents (direction, speed), users of ShipDC will be able to utilize not only vessel data but also combine it with marine weather information. In addition, the paid use of optional information such as long-term marine weather information, wave spectral information and so on will also be available.

The comprehensive analysis of voyage data from vessels at sea and marine weather information is anticipated to provide feedback for safer ship design. An interface developed by both parties through ClassNK’s Joint R&D for Industry Program will be used for smooth information provision.

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