Luxury brand Hering Berlin launches premium dining experience for luxury cruises

29 January 2018 – Deluxe and Upper Premium cruise lines provide a sense of luxury with exclusive chefs and distinguished dining experiences. Hering Berlin has spent over two decades providing Michelin star chefs around the world with the most elegant, timeless porcelain for guests to experience their superior quality.

“It seems perfect to collaborate in this market with the ultra-premium cruise companies interested in innovating the most exclusive luxury moments while enjoying our beautiful porcelain at sea,” says Marco Veth, who represents the award winning Hering Berlin. “We are excited to be launching into the cruise world. Hering Berlin has long been known to renowned chefs, hotels and sophisticated individuals who know the power of making such an elegant statement for their dining experience.”

The greatest reward of these alliances is the opportunity to celebrate the art of luxury travel by showcasing the most gorgeous collections to clients. The handmade German porcelain by Hering Berlin delivers on this with its timeless designs and the most elegant shapes.

Stefanie Hering, who founded the company is marking her 25th year as a passionate master craftsmen and successful entrepreneur, designing and manufacturing 21st century porcelain. Hering is bringing its exquisite bisque dinnerware to the cruise industry for the first time.

Representatives Jochen Stähler and Marco Veth will be available to showcase the Hering Berlin Collections, discuss opportunities at Seatrade Cruise Global in Fort Lauderdale and get you onboard with Hering Berlin.

For further information, please contact:

Marco Veth
Tel: +31627845073

Jochen Stähler
Tel: +491733542252