MacGregor to supply self-contained traction winch systems for Guangzhou Marine Geological Survey

23 August 2022 – MacGregor, part of Cargotec, has been selected to supply two self-contained traction winch systems for a geological survey drilling vessel owned by Guangzhou Marine Geological Survey (GMGS), a subsidiary of China’s Ministry of Natural Resources, together with HongHai Marine. HongHai Marine is MacGregor’s partner in China, focusing on MacGregor deck machinery integration and service in the fishery and oceanographic markets.

The order was booked into Cargotec’s 2022 second quarter order intake. The vessel is scheduled to be delivered in the third quarter 2024.

Solution requirement and advantages
With the design of a 20 foot container footprint as a requirement, MacGregor’s scope of supply encompasses a system designed for 20 ton / 140 m/min (2,33m/sec) lifting capability, and high speed performance of 14 ton / 200 m/min (3,33m/sec). The self-contained traction winch has the ability to perform active heave compensation on the fly at 140 m/min. The containerised system has everything installed on the unit, and only needs the main power from the ship to be ready to operate. The operator can manage the system either from the local operation panel on the winch, wireless radio remote control or from an additional control panel located where it is needed.

Self-contained traction winch

The setup is with a low noise active frontend with an ability to regenerate power to the ship, or use the built in air brake resistors to get rid of generated power during lowering. The self contained traction winch system is set up to have 13800m of 17mm wire or EOM cable. A wire outlet possibility from 0 to 180 degrees sideways, and -10 degrees to 80 degrees horizontal plans giving the operator a high flexibility for arrangement and placing of the self contained system onboard.

MacGregor was selected due to the compact design, technical advantages and proven track record in meeting the required quality standards.

“The good cooperation between MacGregor and HongHai Marine provides users with a solution for the deck control support system of scientific research vessels, which is recognised by customers and the market,” says Duan Qiujia, General Manager, HongHai Marine.

“We are very pleased to continue the long-standing relationship with HongHai Marine, and proud to deliver high quality equipment for this key project to GMGS. This verifies the quality of our products and skills of our experienced team,” says Jan Erik Pedersen, Senior Vice President, Offshore Solutions Division, MacGregor.

About MacGregor

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