METIS and Geislinger integrate vibrations into Neptune Lines vessel performance trial

22 June 2021 – Pure Car & Truck Carrier operator Neptune Lines is hosting shipboard trials of a next-level digital service for Marine Powertrain Condition Analysis, in a collaborative initiative between METIS Cyberspace Technology and Geislinger GmbH.

METIS and Geislinger integrate vibrations into Neptune Lines vessel performance trial

The trials will interconnect the latest Geislinger GMS Mk6 continuous monitoring and measuring system for rotating components of the entire marine propulsion powertrain with the METIS IoT platform for data analytics. The combination will provide superior, in-depth analytics to correlate condition evaluations of the ship’s propulsion system with navigational and operational conditions already being analyzed by METIS. The new digital service will provide information to the crew and to the technical department regarding the condition of the main engine vibration damper and any abnormalities likely to cause torsional vibrations on the main engine and propulsion shaft.

Rather than creating a common product, METIS and Geislinger are combining knowledge from different domains to connect two cloud-based platforms at the data and service level. The results will offer a realisation of 4th industrial revolution objectives, according to Mike Konstantinidis, CEO, METIS Cybertechnology, with each partner extending performance monitoring functionality.

“For METIS, this is a significant evolution of shipping’s most advanced end-to-end digitalization platform, which integrates and displays the very best third-party digital services in a one stop shop for vessel performance analytics,” he said. “Sharing specific data benefits decision making by adding value to analytics and bringing new insights into overall performance.”

“Geislinger’s marine clients are fully aware of our expertise in high-performance drive lines and the benefits of our damping technology are routinely verified by advanced monitoring solutions,” added Adrian Geislinger. “We are delighted to work with METIS in bringing this expertise to a project integrating latest developments in torsional vibration and vessel performance analytics.”

METIS secured a fleet-wide contract from Neptune Lines to implement its data acquisition and advanced analytics platform in late 2020, in a first AI deployment for vessel performance management by a PCTC owner. The carrier specified additional functionality, including emissions indicator monitoring, antifouling coatings performance and generator operations in port.

“We have made a commitment to data analytics to enhance efficiency as part of its service to the logistics industry,” said Nikos Paterakis, Chief Operating Officer, Neptune Lines. “This pilot will offer insight into a key parameter in performance whose significance can be underestimated.”

A second vessel trial of the new METIS-Geislinger approach has already been confirmed for a very large crude carrier. On completion of the proof of concept, the two companies also intend to investigate using AI and Machine Learning models to benefit predictive maintenance.

Four years after launch, game-changing METIS data acquisition and analytics has been implemented on more than 270 ships and is measuring 3.2 billion performance data points monthly.


About METIS Cyberspace Technology S.A.

METIS Cyberspace Technology specializes in Data Acquisition, Real-time Performance Monitoring and Intelligent Analytics for the Maritime Industry, based on advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques. Based in Athens, the core of METIS is its team of skilled engineers and researchers whose innovative thinking, maritime business know-how and expertise in high-end technologies are empowering shipping’s digital transformation. Established in 2016, METIS is majority-owned by maritime-focused environmental engineering group ERMA FIRST.


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