Parties Conclude Joint R&D Agreement for World’s First Ammonia Floating Storage and Regasification Barge

Contributing to promoting the early introduction of ammonia fuel.

22 August 2022 – NYK Line, Nihon Shipyard Co., Ltd. (NSY), ClassNK, and IHI Corporation (IHI) signed a joint research and development agreement for the commercialization of an ammonia floating storage and regasification barge (A-FSRB). Specifically, the parties will work on the R&D of the world’s first barge* equipped with a floating storage and regasification facility for ammonia.


Since ammonia does not emit carbon dioxide (CO2) when combusted, it is expected to be a next-generation fuel that contributes to global warming countermeasures. In Japan, technological development is underway for ammonia fuel mixed combustion power generation at coal-fired power plants as an innovative next-generation thermal power generation technology that contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions. On the other hand, when using ammonia in existing thermal power plants, there are issues such as the problem of securing land for new onshore facilities including storage tanks and regasification facilities, and the large initial investment cost.

Image of A-FSRB

An A-FSRB is an offshore floating facility that can receive and store ammonia that has been transported via ship as a liquid, warm and regasify ammonia according to demand, and then send it to a pipeline onshore. An A-FSRB offers the advantages of shorter construction time and lower costs in comparison to construction of onshore storage tanks and regasification plants. In fact, the A-FSRB is expected to speed up the adoption of ammonia fuel and contribute to its wider use as a lower-environmental-impact next-generation fuel.

Overview of Joint R&D

In August 2020, NYK Line, Japan Marine United Corporation (which has a 49% share of NSY), and ClassNK started joint R&D of an A-FSRB. However, since the demand for fuel ammonia is expected to increase further in the future, the three parties have concluded a new joint R&D agreement with IHI, an ammonia-related equipment manufacturer.


NYK Line ・Project management
・Decision of base design
・Consideration of legal compliance
・Economic evaluation
NSY ・Hull design / Equipment layout study
・Examination of utility equipment
ClassNK ・Technical verification regarding safety
・Development of guidelines
IHI ・Discharging of ammonia / Creation of vaporization process
・Providing equipment information required for the vaporization process
・Providing information on necessary utility equipment


Top row, left to right:
General Manager, Green Business Group, NYK Line, Tsutomu Yokoyama
General Manager, Research & Development Department, Design Division, Nihon Shipyard, Nobutaka Umeyama
Bottom row, left to right:
General Manager, Technical Solution Department, ClassNK, Hiroshi Shibako
Deputy General Manager, Carbon Solution Business Unit, Division Director of Engineering Center, IHI, Shinichi Takano

Future Outlook

The parties will promote R&D with the aim of becoming a solution for introducing ammonia fuel mixed combustion to coal-fired power plants that domestic electric power companies are currently working on.

* Barge: A barge is a flat-bottomed vessel designed to carry heavy cargo mainly in inland waterways and ports. Almost all barges cannot navigate by themselves because they are not equipped with an engine; they must be towed or propelled by a tugboat.

Overview of each company

NYK Line
Headquarters: Tokyo
President: Hitoshi Nagasawa

Nihon Shipyard Co., Ltd.
Headquarters: Tokyo
President: Yoshinori Maeta

Headquarters: Tokyo
President & CEO: Hiroaki Sakashita

IHI Corporation
Headquarters: Tokyo
President & CEO: Hiroshi Ide