Samskip extends operations with Hector Rail

23 December, 2016 – Hector Rail and Samskip have agreed to develop their partnership on Sweden and the continent further. As of the 1st of January six round trips per week between Helsingborg in Sweden and Duisburg in the Ruhr area in Germany, via Copenhagen in Denmark, will be added to the existing operations.

Hector Rail and Samskip do cooperate already between Duisburg and Malmö, Almhult, Nässjö, Katrineholm and Gothenburg. Both the old and the new operations are based on the same concept with through-going locomotives between Germany and Sweden via the fixed link through Denmark.

January 2008, the co-operation between the companies started with the first direct trains ever between Scandinavia and the continent. Today, the Duisburg – Helsingborg train is an overnight service, allowing for quick door-to-door transit times. Collections can be done in a 300-kilometre radius around Duisburg and delivered in the area of Helsingborg the next day.

Samskip has developed a highly successful concept for door-to-door solutions based on intermodal loading equipment and its own complete trains. The trains can carry all kinds of containers and trailers including Mega-trailers.

“We are pleased and proud about the extended confidence that Samskip is exhibiting in Hector,” says Mats Nyblom, MD of Hector Rail AB. “Samskip’s forward-looking environmentally friendly concept focuses on quick and reliable rail services.

“Our offer to the market which combines cost efficiency and low environmental impact has proven successful and our operations continue to expand,” says Johan Logtenberg, MD of Samskip Van Dieren Multimodal. “We are happy to take this step with Hector Rail and together develop our intermodal concept further.”

Like all contemporary electric locomotives, those used by Hector Rail have electric brakes that generate power that can be re-fed into the railway’s system and used by its other vehicles. Using this type of locomotive is the most environmentally friendly alternative to providing land-based transport.

Note to editors:

> Samskip offers pan-European, environmentally responsible combined transport services via shortsea, road, rail and inland waterway routes. We are committed to cost-effectiveness, operational excellence and best practice in sustainable transport.

High frequency services connect destinations across Europe, the Baltic States, Russia and Central Asia, both door-to-door (including collection) and quay-to-quay, transported using a wide range of owned vessels, containers, trucks and trailers. To match equipment to cargoes shipped, options include a full range of ISO containers and reefers, including 33-pallet capacity 45ft units.

In all cases shippers can make real choices based on frequency of service, transit times, freight rates and sustainability.

> Hector Rail is the leading independent traction provider in Sweden with operations in Scandinavia and Germany. “Independent” implies that Hector Rail has no attachment to any state or any other transportation company. This allows Hector Rail to focus purely on customer needs, and on providing innovative railway solutions. Forwarders, large industrial companies and other railway companies are the most important customer groups. Hector Rail currently produces approximately 150000 train kilometres per week.

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For further information, please contact:

> Mats Nyblom, MD of Hector Rail AB, +46 708 30 51 32
> Joakim Landholm, group CEO, Hector Rail Group +46 702 40 03 46
> Johan Logtenberg, MD Samskip Van Dieren Multimodal, + 38 38 52 622