Seagull Maritime and Safebridge offer ECDIS training portfolio

15 March, 2016 (Hamburg, Germany) – Safebridge, a worldwide leading provider of web-based E-Learning products for the maritime industry, providing online, onboard and classroom training for nautical officers and captains, has launched a joint initiative with Seagull Maritime AS. Drawing on the strengths of each organisation, the partners will make E-learning expertise from Safebridge and the wide-ranging onboard training platform from Seagull available through a combined offer, benefiting seafarers worldwide.

Ulf Steden, Managing Director Safebridge GmbH

Today, a wide variety of ECDIS solutions can be found onboard ships. Already, over 30 ECDIS models are in use in the commercial shipping, with a unique selling point claimed for each by way of competetive offering. With upgraded models coming to market from established manufacturers, and new producers stepping into this lucrative market, that number of permutations is only likely to increase.

To cope with the challenge of offering the required type-specific familiarization for all ECDIS models calls for highly specific input from marine experts, but also a sophisticated interactive teaching method for real hands-on familiarisation. Seagull Maritime AS and Safebridge GmbH have therefore combined to develop an overall portfolio that can also get the best out of each training approach.

Under the agreement, Seagull is entitled to add the complete Safebridge range of ECDIS training packages (presently 25+) to its well-known onboard Seagull Training System (STS), which is accessible via a laptop or desktop computer. The STS hosts the Seagull Training Administrator and the entire Onboard Library of e-learning modules available from Seagull Maritime AS.

“We feel more than happy to team up also with such a reputable company like Seagull to complement our training delivery methods,” comments Ulf Steden, Managing Director, Safebridge. “This partnership will give us an additional impetus on spreading our courses to an even larger number of clients and make access to our training for existing Seagull customers even more comfortable. The integrated solution between Safebridge ECDIS training systems and Seagull Training Administrator allows for the automatic transfer of training records between Seagull Course department and Safebridge whom issue the course certificate, which is a unique feature offering technical and performance advantages.”

Roger Ringstad, Managing Director Seagull AS

Roger Ringstad, Managing Director, Seagull Maritime, adds: “We are very pleased to be working together with Safebridge to offer our clients access to maker-specific ECDIS training utilizing the Safebridge ECDIS training platform. Seamlessly integrated with the Seagull Training Administrator, this offers a unique solution for the Navigators to perform ECDIS familiarisation training, both onboard with Seagull and online with Safebridge.

About Safebridge GmbH
Safebridge GmbH is a worldwide leading provider of web-based E-Learning products for the maritime industry. Safebridge develops and provides online-courses for nautical officers and captains. All offered courses are certificated from the particular equipment supplier. One of the important focal points is user interactive training for software-based interfaces.

Safebridge established itself in the field of global shipping industry as partner for almost all world‘s leading manufacturers of navigation and bridge systems: ChartWorld, Consilium, Imtech, JRC, Kelvin Hughes, MARIS, Martek Marine, Raytheon Anschütz, SAM Electronics, SevenCs, Simrad, Sperry Marine, Transas.

Along the lines „learning by doing“ Safebridge uses the original manufacturers software during the training. In this way the user can work with exactly the same system from at home that he will later use on board.

Safebridge is headquartered at the harbor of Hamburg in Germany and has branches in Limassol, Manila and Hong Kong. Safebridge and its worldwide partner-network also offer classroom, onboard and on-site trainings.

About Seagull Maritime AS

Seagull Maritime AS is the leading provider of e-learning and competence systems for seafarers worldwide and offers a comprehensive library of training and onboard courses for regulatory compliance and improved seafarer knowledge.

Founded in 1996 by experienced mariners Seagull Maritime has grown into a dynamic company in partnership with leading shipping companies to deliver a full range of assessment and management tools.

Seagull Maritime’s solutions have been delivered to more than 9,500 ships and office installations around the world.

Seagull Maritime is headquartered in Horten, Norway and has offices in Tokyo, Singapore, Greece, Germany, Poland and UK.