Seagull Maritime launches industry-first Training Analytics tool

28 September, 2016 – Seagull Maritime has launched the maritime industry’s first Training Analytics tool using automated prompts to help managers to benchmark training activity levels and prioritize follow up. Developed in collaboration with several Seagull Maritime customers, the Seagull Training Analytics tool provides a simplified process for monitoring crew training activities and targeting areas for improvement.

Using the tool, owners can extract combinations of the training and competence data held about their crews in the Seagull Training Administrator (STA) and Competence Manager software, display the information in dashboard format and export it to Microsoft excel or as PDFs for management presentations.

Benchmarking ships within the fleet enables training managers to focus on vessels not performing according to company requirements. It also enables training campaign creation for the fleet or specific installations, or for ranks, and the triggering of training for groups of personnel or for procedures that need attention.

The Training Analytics tool allows training managers to develop reports that are customised to their needs, while the frequency of prompt emails can be set by the owner/manager to reflect his/her own preference.

“The Training Analytics tool simplifies tasks for office-based training managers; it means they can analyse data efficiently and create training campaigns that they can follow up consistently and with minimal effort,” says Roger Ringstad, Seagull Maritime Managing Director. “Rather than having to login and interrogate records, ship managers can receive reports in their inboxes on a scheduled basis, e.g. every Monday morning. That way, they can make sure that a specific training campaign is being followed through to completion fleet wide, as well as creating their own reports such as ‘best performing ships’ online with a few clicks.”

Mr Ringstad said the Seagull Training Analytics tool represents a vital contribution to training data where mandatory implementation is at stake – such as ECDIS – but also as a tool to benchmark ongoing training campaigns. “Some vessels will take up campaigns with enthusiasm and others will not,” he said. “The owner may believe the reason lies in the demands of different trades, but it can have more to do with ship master’s attitude towards investing in people. The Training Analytics tool offers owners and managers a consistent and exhaustive method to show how many have performed the required training with minimal effort.”

About Seagull Maritime AS

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