Seagull Maritime leads the way into mobile apps

February 11, 2016 – The Seagull mobile app for crew training status is set to revolutionise the way seafarers track their training records and receive critical safety alerts, by making both instantly accessible via iPhones and Android devices.

The Seagull crew app is available free of charge to all Seagull customers, offering access to selected records within the Seagull Training Administrator Online database covering individual seafarer status on all training requirements and competency.

“Seagull is the first to respond to the changing training needs of the seafarers of today, who are entitled to expect the best available tools to support their safety and competency,” says Roger Ringstad, Seagull Maritime Managing Director. “This is a major step forward for an industry whose ability to recruit and retain skilled crews increasingly depends on showing seafarers more commitment to the technology that shore-based staff take for granted.”

The app also delivers company notices in electronic bulletin form, either to all crew or to targeted ranks, including circulars, incident reports, regulatory updates, technical information, and quality management guidance.

“Crews need the latest information because awareness is the key to ensuring best possible practice,” says Mr Ringstad. “Being notified of a vessel grounding or near miss, for example, inspires extra vigilance for those at sea. The app allows notifications to be delivered directly to the seafarer’s own device at the earliest opportunity, and is no longer tied to the PC.”

Already available via Google Play and App Store, under the name Seagull Training, it`s designed with ease of use in mind. The app can be downloaded to individual devices, with the user logging in using his/her secure ID and password. Once logged in, every seafarer can investigate his/her own training records, to establish completed and outstanding training and receive company notices via the STA Online electronic bulletin.

“The app enables the user to confirm that he/she has read and fully understood the safety notifications,” says Mr Ringstad. “Seagull Maritime has been at the forefront of the shipping’s uptake of e-learning, and the Seagull app continues our strategy of using the best available technology to support a safer, better trained shipping industry.”

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