Seagull Maritime responds to social media awareness

14th November, 2016 (Horten) – In response to growing demand from the shipping industry Seagull Maritime has collaborated with MTI Network to produce onboard and online training content on social media awareness.

MTI Network is the world’s leading incident response network dedicated to serving the shipping, energy, offshore and transportation industries. It offers a variety of social media services such as training, guidelines, strategy and more. The new e-learning and video module from Seagull Maritime explores the impact a seemingly innocent social media post can have when it involves a safety or security incident onboard.

“Social media has infiltrated every aspect of both our personal and professional lives,” says Roger Ringstad, Managing Director Seagull Maritime. “People have gone from being consumers to also being producers of media. Social media reaches millions of people globally. Analysing your online presence, addressing potentially damaging coverage and establishing how it might be improved have become integral aspects of risk management.”

“Through social media crews can inadvertently become on-scene-reporters when a safety or security incident is taking place onboard,“ says Mr Martin Baxendale, Managing Director – MTI Network. “Crew are often unaware of the reach of their pictures and status updates, and don’t consider the consequences they might have if taken out of context. It’s important that we provide education and guidelines as to what is and is not appropriate to post online.”

The aim of the new e-learning module is to raise awareness of correct social media practice among both shore based personnel and seafaring staff. Mr Ringstad emphasises the importance of fully understanding how social media should be used during a crisis and properly grasping the potential reputational and/or commercial risks ‘innocent’ posts can pose to a company.

“When posting, be sensible; don’t press send on anything you wouldn’t be comfortable appearing in your boss’s inbox, or on the front page of a national paper. If in doubt, don’t post,” Mr Ringstad concludes.

About MTI Network:

MTI Network is the world’s leading communication response network dedicated to serving the shipping, energy, offshore and transportation industries.

With 23 partner and a further 21 associate offices, the MTI Network provides incident response services, strategic planning, training and drills to over 350 clients worldwide.

About Seagull Maritime AS

Seagull Maritime AS is the leading provider of e-learning and competence systems for seafarers worldwide and offers a comprehensive library of training and onboard courses for regulatory compliance and improved seafarer knowledge.

Founded in 1996 by experienced mariners Seagull Maritime has grown into a dynamic company in partnership with leading shipping companies to deliver a full range of assessment and management tools.
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