ShipDC launches with new leader at the helm

6 May, 2016 (Tokyo, Japan) – The wholly owned subsidiary set up by ClassNK, Ship Data Center Co., Ltd., officially commenced operations of its big data center, ShipDC, from April 2016. ClassNK’s Information Technology Department General Manager Takashi Nagatome has been appointed as Representative Director and President of the subsidiary.

Ship Data Center Co., Ltd. was established on 7 December 2015 with the aim of providing a secure platform through which ship-related big data can be accumulated and provided to end users.

Speaking on the launch of ShipDC, Nagatome said: “ShipDC has officially begun operations following successful data transfer trials from ship to shore. As of now, voyage data from multiple vessels from Japanese shipping companies is being continuously gathered. Also, the data is being practically applied for hull structure stress monitoring during voyages and for voyage data monitoring by cargo owners.”

ClassNK and Ship Data Center Co., Ltd. aim to facilitate big data application across a range of maritime-related functions to unlock new value for various industry stakeholders.

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