The GTMaritime Download – Issue 2

18 June 2020 – Issue two of The GTMaritime Download is out now!

Read about GTDeploy and GTNews4Crew, the latest additions to GTMaritime’s expanding portfolio. Also included in the newsletter are the latest GTMaritime blogs and webinars, as well as details of the expansion of the Singapore team.


In this issue

  • GTDeploy simplifies the roll-out of security updates
  • GTNews4Crew brings reliable, local news to seafarers
  • The GT Maritime story: Past, present, and future
  • Seafarers have never felt more isolated – or neglected
  • Cybersecurity boils down to three things
  • Apply for certified status to demonstrate your GTMaritime expertise
  • Growth in AsiaPac region called for a Singapore team expansion
  • Cutting through baffling cybersecurity jargon

For further information please contact:

Alexandra Collins​
Marketing Manager, GTMaritime
+44 (0) 1925 818918

Debbi Bonner
Managing Director, JLA Media
+31 (0)6 5263 0122