Wallem Pulse magazine – Issue 2

05 November 2019 – Welcome to the new Wallem Pulse magazine!

Issue 2 of the magazine is available to view online here.


In this issue:

  • Wallem World
  • Sailing Cyber Secure from $1 a Day
  • Crew Empowerment
  • SeaView: Wallem Fleet Officers Meetings
  • Women of Wallem
  • Textbook Rescue in the Pacific

Hear the Pulse and enjoy the read!

For further information please contact:

Lidia Selivanova
Head of Marketing, Wallem Group
Phone: +49 162 1038279
Email: lis@wallem.com

Debbi Bonner
Managing Director, JLA Media
Phone: +31 652 630122
Email: debbi.bonner@j-l-a.com