What does $5 billion buy in shipping decarbonisation?

When IMO next convenes for MEPC, one agenda item member States will be asked to consider is whether to give the go-ahead to the establishment of a $5 billion collaborative R&D fund to accelerate the development of technological solutions aimed at weaning shipping off fossil fuels and eliminating CO2 emissions.

The decarbonisation policy report-card

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The IMO has a clear goal for reducing GHG. What it now needs is an action plan to reach it. At the end of MEPC73 it set member States a homework assignment, instructing them to come up with ideas to discuss when it next convenes, in a global transportation industry variant of the classroom favourite ‘show & tell’.

The human element celebrated

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Many of JLA Media’s clients stand at the forefront of the technological revolution unfolding in today’s maritime industry, including advanced ship to shore communications, the Internet of Things, new propulsion and automation solutions, and other cutting-edge developments. However, the fact remains that the most important ‘component’ in ensuring the efficiency of the modern cargo vessel is its human crew.

Posidonia 2018…from dusk till dawn

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Like no other event on the shipping calendar, Posidonia is what you make it: multi-million-dollar deals can be done over the canapés; footsore foot soldiers can be nabbing ‘exclusive’ party invites before breakfast; all the while, self-inflating strategists can grow more convinced of their own importance without leaving the top table bubble.