Posidonia 2018…from dusk till dawn

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Like no other event on the shipping calendar, Posidonia is what you make it: multi-million-dollar deals can be done over the canapés; footsore foot soldiers can be nabbing ‘exclusive’ party invites before breakfast; all the while, self-inflating strategists can grow more convinced of their own importance without leaving the top table bubble.

Nor-Shipping ushers in the future

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Big changes lie ahead for shipping - that was certainly the message at this year’s Nor-Shipping. The international maritime fair took place in Oslo from 30th May to 2nd June. While by no means the first maritime event of the year to focus on ‘Disruption’, ‘Big Data’ and ‘Cyber Security’, Nor-Shipping brought characteristic Nordic clarity to the digital debate, and a contagious feeling that change is already under way.  

SMM 2016: digital, green and other networking routes

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It was the beginning of summer when, from the sunny beaches of Glyfada, the maritime business regretfully said goodbye to a successful and exciting Posidonia 2016. In what seemed the blink of an eye we were scattered across the 13 halls and 90,000 square metres of the popular biannual German exhibition…another SMM (aka the ‘September Manic Month’) had arrived without notice….

Conference speaker slots: 5 things to keep in mind… part 2

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Part 2: Giving the presentation

You’ve successfully secured your presentation on the agenda of an event of your choice.  Congratulations!  This is a hugely important opportunity that should not be wasted.  After all, many paper submissions will have been rejected to give you this platform; for both your company as well as the event organiser who has selected you, it’s vital to ‘deliver’.

Conference speaker slots: 5 things to keep in mind… part 1

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Part 1: Securing the opportunity

Giving presentations at industry events – whether stand-alone papers or participation in panel sessions – is a highly sought-after opportunity for many. The visibility that such a public appearance offers, for both the executive doing the presenting as well as for the brand, can be invaluable for company positioning and ultimately for business development.