Conference speaker slots: 5 things to keep in mind… part 2

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Part 2: Giving the presentation

You’ve successfully secured your presentation on the agenda of an event of your choice.  Congratulations!  This is a hugely important opportunity that should not be wasted.  After all, many paper submissions will have been rejected to give you this platform; for both your company as well as the event organiser who has selected you, it’s vital to ‘deliver’.

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  1. Be very sure that the secured speaker – or a worthy equivalent – is available to present.  Sending a substitute at the last moment who is not on par is very poor form indeed
  2. The presenter should be a comfortable international speaker (humour and charisma are a further advantage!)
  3. Know your audience.  The level of technical or expert content needs to be considered, so that delegates can understand/do not feel patronised
  4. Don’t try to cram everything into each slide or say too much.  If time is tight and you need to focus on only the most important details, inform the audience that you are happy to take discussions and questions offline after the session
  5. Your audience’s interest will be highest at the beginning and end of the presentation.  Make key points to introduce and summarise, and be sure to finish with precisely what you want them to take away

Now, reap the benefits of giving an informative and interesting presentation in the form of attendee follow up, social media activity and reference to your full-length paper.  And finally, offer thanks and further support to the organisers who gave you a platform.

To discuss how JLA Media can assist with speaker opportunities, drop me a line for further advice.

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